"Photography is my passion... my form of artistic interpretation. The camera - my paintbrush... the screen - my canvas."
A native Floridian, R. Charles has dedicated over 15 years of his life to learning and refining his craft. His passion is creating beautiful and lasting memories for his clients through his vision and creativity while maintaining a unique edge that no other photographer can parallel. 

The ability to frame and interpret the shot before taking it, is truly a gift that R. Charles possesses. He strives for perfection in each photo and transcends past the lens.

Shooting either on-location or in studio, he brings professionalism into every setting.  With such a variety of photography subjects, from high fashion to newborns, weddings to event photography, each shoot is unique and has it's own fantastic flair.

To hire R. Charles Photography for your next event or milestone please contact us at 786-505-PIXS (7497) or through our contact page to schedule a consultation.